Thrift Solutions

    We offer much more than the standard Logistics company. Please see below, for our suite of value-added services.

    We can help you to manage supplier relationships, optimise transportation, synchronise with distribution networks, and coordinate inbound and outbound flow, leveraging our logistics and manufacturing knowledge to provide cost effective solutions, reducing costs and time to market.  We can also help you with inventory management, materials / compliance / supply chain management services, or even e-commerce systems. We have a network of trusted partners that we can refer you to.

    Thrift provides a single point of contact for all your needs.

    We partner with our clients to deliver dependable solutions that ensure performance in the time and place components of your supply chain.

    The Extra Mile:
    Our main point of difference is service. Unlike some of our competitors, our staff will happily spend the required time researching and creating custom-solutions to save you time and money. We believe this flexibility and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done makes us stand out in the market.

    Complimentary Workflow Analysis:

    Before we do anything, we will take the time to get to know you a bit. We will spend time with you and your sales team, accounts department and logistics manager to really get a clear idea of what you need. After gathering all the required information, we will prepare a workflow analysis to help identify areas where you can streamline your processes to make them more efficient. We offer this to you as a free service to give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.

    Once we have done this, we will have a very clear idea of your business requirements and can advise you in detail how we can really add value to your business.  

    Trusted Business Partner:
    Another reason we are different is our partnership approach. As a boutique logistics company, we aim to become your trusted advisor. Thrift can easily be integrated into your business, regardless of size. We can even redeploy your staff into our team and in some cases actually hire them. This provides you with staff that understand your business 100% and have access to our resources.

    We focus on how we can help you to grow and develop your business - without any extra cost. We work closely with companies like yours who are looking to enter new markets like Hong Kong and China. We can help you to make the right contacts and quickly set you up with a reliable distribution network for your business.

    Our clients vary widely - from garments and textiles to consumer electronics to more specialist products such as laboratory equipment. We can act as a Third party logistics provider for companies in any industry, so that you can benefit from our customer-focused service and dedication to creating the best logistics service for your business.

    We can help you to arrange all kinds of transport insurance whether it be for a collector’s private car to be shipped from UK to Hong Kong or a valuable watch shipment to be shipped from Hong Kong to Miami. Our in-depth knowledge can help you to source the best deal that meets your requirements.

    If you would like to learn more about the extra services we can offer you to help grow your business, then please give us a call on +852 2377 3996 or contact us online.